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Discover the Coolest Martial Arts Movies  Trailers – Film Clips and Reviews on the Internet!


Here at The Movie Ninjas,  we are dedicated to providing users with an extensive collection of web-links and resources on the most popular Martial Arts movie trailers, films clips, Tv spot and video games on the web.  We are passionate about sharing all things martial arts: styles, philosophies, and significant aspects of Martial arts movies. As martial arts movie enthusiasts and supporters of the Martial Arts Movie Industry, our mission is to revitalize the genre and to encourage a growing community of those who share the same passion. We have created a place where web surfers can search for, stumble on, or watch the coolest movie previews on the net.  Connect, Share, and have a peek inside one of the most highly regarded and captivating genres: Kung Fu!

Be sure to visit regularly for the latest ratings and news on martial arts movies made around the world. The Movie Ninjas prides itself on having one of the largest libraries of rated classic and modern kung fu movies you won’t find anywhere else.