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The first UFC game was a huge success because it managed to cover a niche that was open for quite a lot of years. The combination of mixed martial arts in UFC was perfect for video gaming which is why UFC became a great hit! Thankfully, the title just got a sequel in the form of EA SPORTS UFC 2! Also published by Electronic Arts, the game’s main focus is realism so what you can see in an UFC ring is exactly what you can do inside the game.

Story and career modes


Since there are lots of fighters in this game, the ability to choose any of them and use their attacks to go through a campaign mode is really nice. The career is definitely nicely put here and a lot of time was placed into working out a variety of methods all so that you can obtain the best experience. It’s simple, the title wants you to truly feel like you are in the shoes of an UFC fighter so the fights are detailed, action packed and definitely fun.

You get to put yourself in the ring against a variety of fighting and kickboxing legends and the more you progress, the more challenging the game gets. It’s really nice to see the way the experience works here and honestly you do get quite a lot of value with this title because of that. You also have an Ultimate Team mode which for me was a great addition, because it allows you to team up and enter some really destructive matches.



Speaking of matches, the overall gameplay is very realistic and fun to be a part of it. Not only does the game do a very good job at portraying the characters through stunningly realized models, but the animations are very good and responsive, something you do want from a fighting game.

And back to what we said earlier in the review, there are no less than 250 fighters here from popular ones like Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor to legends like Bruce Lee. They do a very good job at combining old with new and at the same time they honor the legends by integrating them seamlessly into the experience. The homage to many legends is amazing and you have to experience it for yourself, but what I can say is that the job is well done and they do deserve a hat tip for that.

The main gripe I have with the game is the lack of a good tutorial because at times you are just left hanging without really understanding what you need to do and how to do it, an issue that does get solved as you find the controls on your own. The physics are a little inconsistent which is a bad thing for a fighting game and the controls can be a little haywire at times which is bad. The lack of depth in the career mode is another minor issue, but they can solve it via add-ons, DLC and patches.


Attacks are varied and filled with interesting types of actions. You can punch, kick, enter submission, grapple or even perform takedowns. Customization is good honestly, because you do get the ability to modify the rules, venue and who you want to face. I was a little bummed last time by the lack of physical damage on the character models, but right now it seems that’s no longer the case. Each character will suffer damage during the fight and you can see that. Of course, you do get the crowd which goes wild during the match and at the same time you can listen to the commentary of real life UFC professionals which is a great boost to the game.

The game modes are diverse because from career to knockout and ultimate team, each gameplay experience will differ. Some of the modes are focused on earning coins after matches so you can upgrade and modify your fighter, others are better created for tournament style action. The idea is that regardless of what type of match you might want to have here, you can indeed get it which is what makes EA SPORTS UFC 2 so fun and exciting from the start.

Full body deformation also delivers a much needed gameplay boost which does tend to refresh itself at times. I really enjoyed the great attention to detail that the game has here and honestly you get quite a lot of fun as you try to explore all the options found here. The new features like knockout physics make the fights more dynamic and grapple assisting is suitable for beginners.


Online gameplay is a possibility and you have multiple game modes to choose from there as well. You can also earn coins that help customize your character and with so many characters to choose from, the possibilities are virtually endless and it all comes down to you to choose the right ones for you.

It’s nice to control so many fighters and even if the controls are a little off at times, the title does have continuity and a fresh gameplay to keep the ball rolling. It’s what you do with EA SPORTS UFC 2 that really makes the game stand out, and because of that you should totally try it out. Of course, no UFC game will be complete without referees and obviously you get the real ones here, or at least a depiction of them.

I liked the fact that they added female fighters and Ronda Rousey as well as many others are a nice addition to the experience, since they make it varied, more immersive and fun.


EA SPORTS UFC 2 is a great fighting game with an immersive gameplay, great new features like full body deformation and a ton of great fighters to choose from. I really enjoyed playing it and with so many great gameplay moments as well as character customization, EA SPORTS UFC 2 offers an immense value and you won’t want to miss it!

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