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If there’s one thing that we love about action and fighting games is the fact that they always allow you to use all the moves you can and create your own strategies. But for some reason, nothing can be more exciting than doing just that with a plethora of amazing characters which are comic book superheroes, because that’s what provides you with an immense value right off the bat.

The thing we liked about Injustice Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition is they don’t hold back and they do bring in front a massive number of DC characters. They don’t stop there, they also add in a multitude of game modes and a stellar online gameplay which we personally found to be very exciting and filled with a lot of promise.


Of course, there is a story as well and honestly this is a good, exciting story to boot. Superman goes evil after losing Lois Lane and you will play as any character you want in order to unfold the story and in the end, eliminate Superman on its own. We found the game to offer you the perfect initiation of unique game-play moments and in the end the game does tend to offer an astounding set of game-play moments. The voice dialogue is professional and filled with quality. We found ourselves to fully enjoy each experience and we tried to reach the end with every character  that’s how good it is!


Then, there’s the fact that you have an insane roster of characters and each one of them does manage to bring in front a very good value. You will find yourself trying to engage a ton of enemies in battle but each experience of fighting a DC hero or villain seems fun, exciting and filled with a truly interesting moment. There is a great attention to detail with the visuals too, something that does show how much care was placed into the game. Each level stands on its own and it’s just a ton of fun to play anywhere you want.

Onward to the game-play, this is by far the best game-play we have experienced in a fighting game. The fluidity of all movements made us try many of the characters including villains in order to find a flaw. However, all of them move perfectly, the animations are very solid and you do feel very satisfied as you play which is what matters the most. There’s a great value here considering how much attention to detail was placed inside the game and honestly you will just enjoy everything that the game has to offer.

Each character has a special attack and these can be very powerful, but since they have animations, the reality is that these can get stale after a while. There’s no problem though, as We do feel that there’s an insane amount of value to be had and in the end that’s what truly makes the experience special. You never feel left outside the box and each attack can be your doom or your one step closer to victory.

Injustice Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition doesn’t hold your hand though. It can be very challenging at times and the practice mode is a good place to start if you want to learn moves and beat the enemies.

We liked the fact that you can interact with the environment. This offers a lot of core values to the game and it also enhances the gameplay quite a bit. Of course, it could be better but in the end it’s by far one of the most powerful titles in the genre just because you get so much stuff to do and even have the environment integrated to the battles.

Some of the keys can’t be rebound, which I found strange to be honest but on the other hand you won’t really need to do so. Using a controller is necessary to be honest and you do need to use one if you want to get ahead of the competition.

Of course, there are a few issues. The PC controls are very bad which is why I said that using a controller is a much better and more refined option. Plus, you will have to deal with stutter and some poor optimization at times. Thankfully, that doesn’t hurt the entire game as there are only a few portion where that happens.

The cast of fighters is very good too, from Batman to the Flash and Green Arrow, Lex Luthor and other DC characters, just about all you can think of can be found here. Plus, you get all the DLC characters that were sold separately in the Injustice Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition version, which is also a massive plus to be honest.

We enjoy the coolness of the entire experience to say the least and at the end of the day that’s what really matters. The battles are solid, the animations are very good and the story is entertaining enough that you might even want to engage it multiple times. Also, there are plenty of cutscenes to help you understand what is going on, something that most fighting games don’t really get to offer most of the time.

Overall, Injustice Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition is a very good fighting game, maybe the best one on the market right now. It’s detailed, filled with amazing characters and a lot of content. It does take a little while for you to get accustomed to the moves and controls, but once you do you will enter a very solid experience that you will want to engage yourself with again and again. Of course, the game is not easy and with a good online play, you will find yourself playing for hours and hours without getting bored!

“We give it a  Movie Ninja’s Rating of 9/10”

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