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Born March 8th 1957 in Wilmington Delaware. Rothrock’s natural karate skills was recognozed at an early age and was invited to participate in small championships by her martial arts instructor.

In 1982, she was recognized as the top competitor in the United States; competing in both male and female championships. For four years in a row between the years of 1981-1985 Rothrock was the undefeated karate champion in both male and female divisions.

Her undefeated title has earned her celebrity status and world fame having demonstrated her “Accuracy and Flare” before “hundreds of thousands” of spectators across the globe. Rothrock has been featured in hundreds of articles including the cover of every martial arts magazine around the globe.

Cynthis Rothrock is one of the few individuals to be featured in the Black Belt Hall of Fame as well as the Kung Fu Hal of Fame.

I weigh about 111 pounds, and the public feels that you have to be big and strong, but it actually doesn't matter what your body weight is as long as you know the correct technique and know where to hit..
Cynthia Rothrock - The Movie Ninjas
Cynthia Ann Christine Rothrock (Tang Soo Do)
Aquarius ,8 March 1957, 5' 3"

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