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Released six days after ‘s death from a cerebral edema, Enter the Dragon is the stuff of legends. It served to establish Lee’s philosophy of “fighting without fighting,” and follows the classic tournament style. It was considered to have the most intricate and visually stunning fights in US film at the time. Lee’s battle with 50 clawed henchmen through the guts of Han’s fortress cemented his reputation as a master fighter, and even more so due to his death. The final fight scene with wuxia-movie veteran Shih Kien is a wonder to behold and defies blinking for fear of missing a detail.

Another aspect of the film that excited viewers is that it was written by Bruce Lee himself, and he directed the film’s first epic brawl. It featured the likes of Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, and Yuen Biao as stuntmen, and became what many consider the template for all future martial arts movies. It is credited for launching the genre in the United States.

What People Are Saying About Enter the Dragon
Enter the Dragon is a beloved film, with a 95% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s perhaps the best-known kung-fu movie and boasts some of the biggest kung fu stars in its cast. While the plot is thin, that’s okay. Jim Kelly and Bruce Lee have the charisma to burn, and they carry the thing off. Also, the revenge motive for Lee’s character (also named Lee) rings true.

The plot does not offer much, but the dialogue really pops. The one-liners tossed off by Jim Kelly (playing Williams) packs a big punch. The look of the film has also become iconic. Fans too young to have been alive when it was originally released post still photos from the movie on their Twitter and Facebook feeds. They love the starring actors and the vibrant characters they play. Kelly is all afro and swagger, while Lee’s expressive eyes and powerful frame attract attention no matter what he is doing.

Another thing viewers love about entering the Dragon is the final fight scene. Taking place in a house of mirrors, the disorienting creepiness of it all has become iconic. Although the scene may seem hackneyed to some younger viewers, this is the film that invented having a fight scene in a hall of mirrors.
Overall, pop culture rates Enter the Dragon as hopelessly cool, even after all these years. People proudly spout facts about the film, pointing out a very young Jackie Chan in one of the fight scenes or noting that it’s in the National Film Registry. In the comments sections of pop culture websites like the AV Club, fans write near dissertations on the film. The level of detail people can go into when it comes to this film is astounding. Enter the Dragon is perhaps the most beloved film of its genre, even today.

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Great Article - No one can call them self a fan of Bruce Lee without seeing Enter the Dragon. This film made it all possible and put Martial Arts Movies on the Map.
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