Get Your Butt off The Couch and Put in another Martial Arts Movie

Let’s face it: We all spend a little too much time on the couch, and there’s no better kick in the butt than watching a truly inspirational martial arts movies that’ll get your butt up and do something you didn’t previously think you were capable of doing and also inspire you to train harder as Films have a long history of inspiring people to do powerful things, but perhaps most incredible are the stories about amazing martial artist.

To motivate our reader’s, we have pull together two of the most action packed  martial art movies that is sure to get you motivated. So sit back, relax, watch one of these flicks and prepare to be kick-started into 30, maybe even 40 minutes of rigorous physical activity.  So, Ready to hop off the couch and make a change? Let’s Start it!!

Ong-bak (2003)

Ong-back consist of amazing flexibility and fighting sequences. Outstanding acrobatic movements when running from the bad guys in the street and it was good to see the shots from different angles. This movie is filled with incredible fight scenes, from the multitude of fights in the fighting circle, to that final fight in the cave.  The whole point of the movie is to display Tony Jaa’s skills at martial arts, which is utterly incredible. The stunts in this film are REAL. Everybody gets injured. There are no wires, pulleys, fake punches, and fake blood. The best scenes come where there is a kind of street fighter style arena, where the deadliest fighters compete to be champion which you will definitely love. This is the kind of martial arts film that makes me smile and cheer but the story line of the movie is weak i.e. nothing new. Overall this is a film you will watch over and over again if you like lots and lots of martial arts action.

Ip Man (2008)

Ip Man is well choreographed movie which based on Ip Man’s life. Consist of realistic martial art fight scenes and having the strong storyline about one man’s quiet integrity and struggle against injustice. In IP Man, Donnie Yen delivers a truly solid performance on the acting side with his powerful martial arts skills. If you going to watch this movie for full of Kung Fu then I bet you that you will not be disappointed. The middle section is highly exaggerated (1-to-1 vs. Many-to-1), and the end is completely awesome. Yes, the end of the movie is Epic, It involves Donnie, ten Japanese karate practitioners and some of the most furious fighting I’ve ever seen on screen. You can really sense the anger of his character in this scene where he delivers the action brilliantly and the best in over a decade.

The film moves forward at a brisk pace and contains a surprisingly large amount of fight scenes i.e. 12 Fight Scenes. I personally think this is his finest performance to date.

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