What is a Ninja Meter? It’s a way of telling you about a movie or video game in an easy to digest format. The Ninja Meter was created to help viewers get the information they want at a glance, quick and straight to the point.


With genre being “Action,” you should see plenty of it!. Since “Action” is the genre, it should contain plenty of action. A good Martial Arts action movie will not have a lot of drawn-out slow time. Look for movies that leave you on the edge of your seat.


A good martial arts movie will also contain lots of hand-to-hand combat. While the other forms of fighting and action are great, a kung-fu movie should never leave this out!


Use of weapons and it comes across as realistic While a lot of weapons is good, look for quality over quantity! Does it look realistic? Do the weapons look real and do the way the actors use the weapons look real? Action movies should not skimp on this aspect.


The special effects are convincing, some special effects just look ridiculous! A believable action movie must contain believable special effects. While the special effects may not be realistic, they need to be believable while you are watching them.


The stunts are impressive Are the stunts mind-blowing? If an action movie is to be considered a good action movie, stunts must be performed, not all computerized.


The martial arts styles are authentic The martial arts styles used in action movies should be authentic. If they aren’t, those who understand martial arts will see through it and the movie will not pass as being a great action movie.


The movie has a good storyline and is watchable. A good action movie will be packed full of action but also have a great storyline that flows well. If it doesn’t, it can destroy the movie entirely. The movie must also be watchable and believable in every aspect.


The captions and subtitles are translated properly. If the translations are not accurate, viewers may not only misinterpret the story and dialogue but get confused throughout the movie. This makes a significant difference and a quality action movie will have adequate subtitles and captions.


Dubbing is the process of replacing the vocal script spoken in old classic martial arts movies with that of another voice, translated into another language. While the dubbing quality in martial arts movies can come across as comical, there are some movies that put more effort into the accuracy. The spoken words will carefully follow the lip movement and will be as accurate as possible. Dubbing should flow well and make the story easy to follow so that there is no distraction from what the director is presenting.


Any movie that is considered exceptional, will be memorable. Not only will it be a movie you could watch again, but it will be one that you will never forget and one that you will be eager to talk about.


There you have it! Now, we can tally up a score between 1 – 10 to determine just how great the movie is and it’s it worth watching. This is the essence of the Movie Ninjas.