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Sleeping Dogs Video Game Review

Fighting mechanics can be great in any game, even if it might not be an integral part of the gameplay. Even though most of the time games like Tekken, Street Fighter and MK X seem to be seen as the best in the industry, there’s no denying that you can enjoy quite a lot of similar stuff with other titles as well.

Sleeping Dogs is a great example here because even if the title can be seen as a GTA game based in Asia, the reality is that the game does focus on melee and hand to hand combat.

In fact, it has a gruesome system that doesn’t shy from giving in to violence and that on its own makes the experience very exciting. You can obtain XP based on the violent actions that you do so combat is actually recommended and hand to hand combat is preferred even if you have to deal with multiple enemies.

The story in Sleeping Dogs is simple, you are a person that tries to run away from your old, corrupted past and thankfully you have the ability to right the wrongs by eliminating some of the major triads in the region. You will have to earn the trust of various cartels in the city and also explore your abilities as you go along, which is what matters the most. The story is quite predictable but it does offer quite an interesting value because it just helps you take the experience to new heights all the time.

It’s nice to see that you can actually use a bat as you play because that does make the experience more refined and interesting all around. Missions in this title are action packed most of the time and that’s what really keeps the show going and you can rest assured that you will have quite a lot of fun as you play.

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Sleeping dogs – Video Games Review


The melee system is very detailed, to be honest. If you played the Batman Arkham Asylum game then the system will be very familiar, but even if you don’t, it’s quite interesting and unique. You can use counter, grapple and attacks which can be combined into powerful combos that give in immense value to the entire experience.
It’s also nice to see that you are not restricted from combining your moves. In fact, you are definitely allowed free reign over what you do and this is why even battling the same enemies two times won’t feel similar. That’s what makes Sleeping Dogs different because you have complete control over how you want to tackle each enemy encounter.

Of course, there are some similarities to MK and other fighting games as well. You have a meter that will allow you to accumulate action points and in the end, you can use that in order to generate intense and heart-wrenching combos. As we said earlier, the game is not shying away from violence and it does an amazing job when it comes to delivering a very good user experience.

Another thing that we noticed with Sleeping Dogs is the fact that it really manages to bring in front a huge focus on using the environment in your attacks. For example, you can use the vents, pipes and bars in your area as a weapon and while that does add to the overall violence, it just makes the gameplay more unique, immersive and fun to say the least. It’s really nice to have the ability to explore all those options that you want and in the end, it’s just a great way to take care of large enemy encounters.

You do have some missions like these, but you can also just tackle enemies and fight them on the street. Of course, in true open world action game fashion, you will get wanted by the police which does add a larger layer to the combat, but it’s nice to see that melee is such a huge part of Sleeping Dogs and that on its own is nothing short of impressive.

It’s cool to see that the experience is so easy to customize because each time you can do something else and when you have to battle someone else you just enter the game and play as you want without any restrictions.

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sleeping Dogs – The Best Martial Arts Game

While melee is not necessary because you can also rely on guns, Sleeping Dogs does offer a very intense gameplay that helps you take the experience to the next level. And melee is, as you can expect, the best part out of it all. You can get collectables but many of them require a good old set of melee combat and that’s what really pushes you towards new experiences, which is great in all honesty. Of course, the more you invest in the melee attacks the better it will be and in the latter portions of the game, you can really acquire some nice skills that help eliminate enemies unlike never before. It’s a great skill to have of course and it does deliver an extraordinary value to the intense combat you need to face.
The physicality of the game can also be seen with the activities that you need to do most of the time. You can swim, you can run, jump and do all kinds of stuff, so having the ability to engage in kickboxing or even martial arts moves is not something to take for granted.

What really strikes us as very interesting is the finesse and fluidity of all martial arts portrayed in the game. The animations are top notch and they really bring in front great possibilities, which is what you will enjoy for sure.

As you can see from screenshots, the game looks really well. It does offer a beautiful, stunning and large game world that you can choose to peruse and that on its own delivers an immense set of possibilities. The cars look great, characters are very detailed and as we said, the animations are some of the major highlights here which is what matters the most in the end. It’s nice to see that the game world is so detailed because it does add a sense of immersiveness and appeal.

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Best fighting Game sleeping Dogs

Of course, it’s the uniqueness of Sleeping Dogs that makes you enjoy the battles and martial arts integrated here. The setting is surely fit for martial arts and the way the developers integrated it is nothing short of impressive. The game world and the enemies also make it very interesting and fun for sure, so it does come down to you to explore all the options here.

As a whole, we are very impressed with the fighting component in Sleeping Dogs. The martial arts portrayed here are accurate, fluid and simply stunning, not to mention that the entire gameplay tends to rely on that many times, which is really neat. If you like martial arts and using the environment in your fights, then Sleeping Dogs can indeed be one of the best games that you can play.

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