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The Forbidden Kingdom  is a movie that could be labelled as childish but not in the family sense of comedy but in the sense of making dreams become a reality and the satisfaction of adventure.  This type of movie is entertaining, as were in 80’s, for example.  On one side, we have a weird character becoming a hero, which could remind us of Karate Kid and also by having a little comedy to reminds us of movies like Gremlins and Goonies, which we can see in the pawn shop design. That is why this movie is unique, because of it’s action and comedy combination.

The duel between Jet Li y Jackie Chan is important to not disappoint the fans, as that is what they want to see. Their styles are very different, Chan focuses on humour and Li focuses more on the seriousness of his roles and they complement each other very well. This is especially obvious in a scene where Li takes a piss on Chan’s face.

Both Li and Chan are very equal when fighting, they even make similar movements, the fights are not the best you will see but they are well done. In the movie, both actors are given the same attention and time on screen.


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