Top Martial Arts Horror Movies

Top Martial Arts Horror Movies

When it comes to Martial Arts movies, the Japanese film industry is one of the most aesthetically evolved and if martial arts movies is mixed with horror then a whole new greatness is born.  Here is a list of some of the best martial arts horror / ghost movies you must not miss, they will surely put chills up your spine.

1) Blade


 Blade is a fantastic action/thriller that keeps you captured for the whole duration. The quality of the acting is matched by the quality of the choreography and special effects. Accompanied by a pulsing techno beat, the fight scenes bring back memories of Mortal Combat. It had more than tons of different  elements like vampires, werewolf and superhuman powers and of course martial arts. It also has very good storyline with plenty of twists. There is constant action throughout the film with breath-taking stunts and effects.“I bet you the opening scene of this movie will get your adrenaline pumping.” Overall this is an enjoyably slick vampire/action movie and in my opinion, a must see movie.


2) Mr Vampire

Mr Vampire is perfect on every count as it is one of the most imaginative, entertaining, and creative stories ever. The movie revolves around Master Gau and his two bumbling assistants who deal with the awakened corpse of a man whose body has been buried inauspiciously. The martial arts scenes are the best parts of the movie and the horror sequences are entertaining. Anyone interested in kung-fu movies should check this out for Siu-hou Chin’s performance as this guy is incredible, and puts on some great fights. Overall I think that everyone should see Mr Vampire because the film is spectacular,  also the story is funny, fresh and full of more than just zombies (I won’t reveal any surprise :p)

3) Spooky Encounters


Spooky Encounters is the first real successful horror feature in Hong Kong. The special effects in the movie are some of the best ever seen in a Hong Kong film in 1980’s. The movie has vampires, ghosts, possession, kung fu and thats only scratching the surface. The martial arts choreography is good and the acrobatics are great. Comedy in this film is so good there are lots of memorable moments. At one part Sammo’s right hand becomes possessed by the sorcerer and begins beating him and everyone around him ala Evil Dead. The Scene is well choreographed and hilarious to watch. There are numerous fights throughout the film. All extremely fast and furious. Overall, a great movie.

4) Brotherhood of the Wolf

This is a grandiose monster movie that delivers the perfect blend of slick style and gothic melodrama to make it one of the most appealing film fantasies in a long while. The story has so many twists and turns it could make your head spin and the cast is incredible. The cinematography combined with the editing makes for some truly fantastic scenes. Also, this is possibly the most multi-genre film. The movie crafts its story cleverly and masterfully and ties its slowly unfolding elements into each other. Brotherhood is an absolutely beautiful example of what a film can look like. Check it out!

So, are you gutsy enough to watch any of these alone tonight?

4 thoughts on “Top Martial Arts Horror Movies

  1. Reya says:

    Brotherhood of the Wolf is a masterpiece. The blending of so many genres in an irresistable movie is beyond awesome. The atmosphere is spot on and the martial art sequences pretty cool too (choreographed by Philip Kwok – the mad Dog in Hard boiled).

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